P Dayren Tolliver | TPSS



Hi, I'm Dayren, but most people call me Darren. 🙃This is wrong. Don't be like most people.

What I do

I work as a Technical Publisher Support Specialist at WarnerMedia.

What's a Technical Publisher Support Specialist?!

Good question. I'm responsible for ensuring ad slots appear on our Entertainment websites, mobile and connected devices apps. In my day-to-day, I use FreeWheel, Google Ad Manager, and Charles to troubleshoot when our digital ads aren't appearing.

What's that have to do with coding?!

I learned how to code during my senior year of college. I took an intro to programming class which gave me the foundational knowledge I needed to be able to pursue coding as a career. No, I'm not a 'professional' developer *yet*, but I'm working towards that goal every day.

Tech Talks

I've had the privilege of presenting "Breaking into Tech: How I did it and things I'd do differently" at ReactATL and Women Who Code Front-End webinar. In my talk, I discuss how I got into coding, the pitfalls I overcame, and what mistakes to avoid when learning how to code.

Giving Back

I volunteer with RefCode, an organization that teaches refugees how to code. In ten weeks, we teach the students the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the end of the tcourse, students showcase their personal websites.


  1. Ceramics (Am I good at? Not really, but it's fun.)
  2. Comedy Sketch Writing
  3. Reading self-help articles and books